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Rubber Coating Trout Net: YJT-39501142(L)

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Product Details

Our innovative new design offers the river or bank angler three nets for choice.

The R-shape aluminium frame is ultra lightweight, yet offers

amazing strength and rigidity. Attached to this is PVC coating knotless net, which has a flat bottom panel for the fish to lie in – ideal for catch & release.

Smaller S & M # net provides an ideal river ‘scoop’ net, it telescopes out to 66cm (76cm) for additional reach.

Bigger L# net provids an ideal river bank or Stillwater net, fully extended length: 114cm.

Item No. Section Length Hoop Size Packing Rate Ctn Size
YJT-20300662(S) 2 66cm 30*20cm 25pcs/ctn 60*32*30cm
YJT-31400762(M) 2 76cm 40*31cm 25pcs/ctn 70*43*26cm
YJT-39501142(L) 2 114cm 50*39cm 25pcs/ctn 93*51*29cm

Weihai Yizhang Metal (Fishing Equipment) Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, and is a professional fishing gear enterprise company engaged in the production, scientific research, economy and trade of metal products for fishing gear.

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