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1 section handle trout net YSTT-46360811

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1 section handle aluminum landing net, strong R shape tube to ensure its strength.kinds of handle length for your choice and different fishing use.

Item No. Section Length Hoop Size Packing Rate Ctn Size
YSTT-46360621 1 62cm 46*36cm 50pcs/ctn 64*45*52cm
YSTT-46360811 1 81cm 46*36cm 50pcs/ctn 83*45*52cm
YSTT-46361251 1 125cm 46*36cm 30pcs/ctn 127*45*30cm

Weihai Yizhang Metal (Fishing Equipment) Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, and is a professional fishing gear enterprise company engaged in the production, scientific research, economy and trade of metal products for fishing gear.

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